SnapUp Elegance–Straight

SKU: 7853-7856


A pop-up that doesn’t look like a pop-up!

SnapUp “Elegance” is the next evolution in pop-up systems. Use it with curved ends like a traditional pop-up system, or choose flat ends with decorative corner trims similar to ISOframe, giving the system a more contemporary “non-pop-up” look.

Our top-of-the line Elegance display is self-locking and cross braced, which means that the graphics will always hang perfectly, despite the frequent challenge of uneven floors.

The super slim frame of 190 mm/7.3″ also looks great and saves stand space, too.


Key Benefits

  • Sturdy aluminum cross-braced construction
  • Light-weight, easy setup
  • Available in 6 & 8.5 ft. straight widths
  • All kits include spotlights and hard case
  • Choose flat endcaps for unique appearance
  • See it in Action!

Technical Facts

Nominal Width (in.)
Height (in.) 89
Depth (in.) 7.3
Weight (lbs.-approx.) 50/55
Case Molded Case/Counter
Material of Construction Alum.
Warranty 10 yr.

Note–Pricing is for hardware only – please request a quote for hardware + graphics
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