Expo Case

SKU: 83020


Receive your customers in style with our brand new and economical case & counter model which has been added to our more-expo product range. An extremely durable and shock-proof case with quality locks and wheels. Easy and quick to unfold and with top stability when used as a large size counter. The case can be used to pack ISOframe, SnapUp and BannerUp.

These items are included in the Kit

  • 1 hard case on wheels
  • 1 fold-out wooden counter top in black matte finish
  • 4 wooden inner shelves in black matte finish
  • 1 kick plate
  • 4 velcro strip fasteners
  • 1 soft case for the counter top
  • 1 soft case for the inner shelves
  • 1 tube for the optional wrap around graphics

Technical Facts

Nominal Width 25.2″ closed49″ open
Color Black
Standing Height (in.) 37.5″
Standing Depth (in.) 15.7″ closed23.6″ open
Weight (lbs.) 19.6
Case Padded Nylon
Material of Construction
Warranty  1 yr

Note–Pricing is for hardware only – please request a quote for hardware + graphics


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