About Us

It all started with a little piece of plastic…..                       Size markers


You have probably seen the size indicators on hangers in clothing shops. They are also Mark Bric products, used in millions all over the world. When they appeared in 1971, they radically simplified the handling of clothes, both for shop assistants and customers.

In 1985 Mark Bric introduced Flexiframe, a light weight, inexpensive, and extremely versatile frame and display system. This was the start of Mark Bric Display, a new line of business within the Mark Bric group.

Mark Bric Display has then, year-by-year, developed a complete program of easy-to-use, reliable and economically priced display and exhibition products. Directed at the sign, retail and trade show industries worldwide, it is now probably the most comprehensive product range on the market for indoor displays.

Well-known brands such as BannerUp, SnapUp, MultiMaster, Impression, SwingUp, EGO Exhibit and in 2011 Mark Bric ISOFrame have been added. New and unique products are frequently added to the program all the time – that is the business idea of Mark Bric Display.

Our best product, though, is Customer Service—If at any time this shopping site does not speak for itself, please contact us and let us demonstrate our level of commitment!

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